Compatibility Issues of Canon Printers with Windows 10

Windows 10 is a pretty solid operating system, with advance features and easy usability. But as we all know when there is good, the bad also comes along with it. Same is the case with Windows 10, as most people upgraded to it they started having compatibility problems with other software and hardware. One such problem with upgrade is printer support. If you are using Canon printer then make sure to check Canon site first to check the list of products that are not supported in Windows 10, although you will be able to use those products in your previous operating system version. Although, if your printer model is compatible with the latest windows version and still you are facing technical issues then here you might find the solution for your problem.

Problem No. 1: Printer is not working on Windows 10
Solution: The most common reason of a non working printer could be its connectivity. Make sure that the printer is powered on and is properly connected to the PC. Mostly people overlook this basic things and struggle with the machine. If this is not the reason then run the printer troubleshooter that is provided by Microsoft. Most of the problems are resolved after running troubleshooter, but if the problem is related to printer driver, then you need to follow the given steps to change the printer driver with a compatible driver:
• Open Start Menu and click Devices and Printers.
• Then select your Canon Printer.
• Select remove device from the top of the screen and then reinstall your printer.
• If the Windows doesn’t find a driver then look for the compatible driver from printer manufacturer site.
• Download the driver from there follow the instructions to complete installation.

Problem No. 2- Cannot find a compatible Printer driver for Windows 10
Solution: It happens that many manufacturer stop making printer driver for the model you are using. However, there is a solution to this problem too. If the same happens with your printer model then you can try to find Windows 8 Printer driver. Mostly the printer driver is an .exe file. In such situation you need to uninstall the printer (You can start from step 4 above), after that click your .exe driver file to install your printer driver.

Problem No. 3- Windows is detecting the printer but no driver is there for old printer
Solution: If your printer is detected after windows upgrade then follow the on screen instructions to install your printer and when the windows will scan for the device and couldn’t find any driver then you need to follow the given steps:
• Click “The printer that I want isn’t listed” option.
• Then select the options that says “My printer is little older. Help me find out.” And then click “Next”.
• Now Windows 10 will again look for the connected printer and install it using compatible driver in the database.

In case you are facing any other issue with Canon Printer compatibility with Windows 10 that is not mentioned here, then contact us at Canon Printer Helpline Number for help.

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